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Same old Piano Tunes?

Nope! This is not your regular piano show! Instead of the same classic piano songs you've heard at every piano bar like..ever....Ddendyl's "Not Your Daddy's Piano Show" has the energy of a duel but performed solo. And instead of the standards you're going to hear current songs from the radio today, recent hits of the last couple decades and 90s jams. She may even throw in some classic rock but not the tunes that you would normally expect on the keys.  The "Piano Man types" are allowed to be requested...but it will cost you ;) This show is driven in an edgier direction and geared for the more modern listener. 

"Not Your Daddy's Piano" is a fresh new show based in Charlotte, NC and coming to a venue near you!


Who's Ddendyl?

Born in the south, raised in the north and singing everywhere in between. Ddendyl was a full time lounge singer before being offered a spot on Season 6 of The Voice- Team Shakira. After the show, she set her sights on Las Vegas where she held residencies at some of the most renowned casino and resorts on the Las Vegas Boulevard. Her Top 40 Music Row single "Where I Come From" launched an original country and rock career and she toured all over the United States. Recently, married, Ddendyl and her husband moved back to the South to start a new chapter and create the "Not Your Daddy's Piano Show" as a fresh adventure. Her brand new show is available now for all types of events.